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Invitation to DOLCE on Friday, October 7 at Noon in 1310 Surge III / The Grove

A Bicycle in The Grove

A Bicycle in The Grove

Dear Colleagues,

This Friday we restart our meetings of DOLCE: Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education. Taking place on the first Friday of every month, DOLCE meetings typically feature a number of speakers on a variety of pedagogical and instructional technological topics.

This coming Friday we will hear from new instructional technologist Tabia Lee (known simply as “Lee”) on “Navigating Transformative Technological Change.”

Dr. Lee will ask and answer these questions: What is transformative technological change, and how does teacher ideology-in-practice intersect with pedagogical design, teacher agency, and individual and collective decision-making?

Tabia Lee holds a Doctor of Education in Urban Educational Leadership and Administration from University of California, Irvine, and has contributed to the design, implementation, and evaluation of numerous educational and professional development programs. Having worked with Canvas in previous faculty positions, Dr. Lee joins Steve Faith and Fernando Socorro as one of our three campus Canvas training experts who stands ready to answer your questions about our campus move to Canvas.

Members of the UC Davis community are also encouraged to call Instructure directly with Canvas questions. Staffed 24 hours a day, Instructure’s user support phone bank can be reached at 844-303-8285.

On Friday, we will also hear from Spanish professor Robert Blake. Many faculty in Spanish and other languages have moved to Canvas, in part because of Bob’s leadership and support. Bob will tell us some success stories.

If we have time, we will also share data about the LMS decisions made by different campus departments (with almost 60% of LMS users already choosing Canvas this fall). We may also discuss the Photo Rosters tool.

I hope you can join us Friday, October 7th at noon in 1310 Surge III / The Grove. Please also share this invitation with new and curious faculty who would benefit from hearing from the prepared and unprepared thoughts of these campus leaders.

Best regards,

Andy Jones


DOLCE: Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education

Friday, October 7

12 Noon (though you may join us at 12:10)

1310 Surge III / The Grove

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