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Video: Upcoming ATS Initiatives & SITT Topics

In preparation of the Summer Institution on Teaching and Learning, ATS Director David Levin and Dr. Andy recorded the videos embedded below. They discuss upcoming ATS initiatives provide an overview of some of this year’s SITT topics: opportunities for innovative teaching at UC Davis, learning management systems, and technology in the physical classroom. Enjoy!

What “counts” as writing and learning?

At the Computers & Writing Conference last June, the issue of what “counts” as writing, or what “counts” as learning came up frequently, and I was particularly intrigued by this issue during a session with Mary Hocks and Jody Shipka. Hocks (Georgia State) teaches an upper-division writing course that centers on audio technologies. She argues […]

Video: April DOLCE Meeting

We had a great DOLCE meeting on Friday, April 5. Jim Carey, professor of entomology, discussed his experience teaching the first week of his fully online class; Kristen Ware, graduate student in linguistics, described her experience developing a hybrid course; and Dr. Andy described our initial investigations into learning management systems as alternatives to SmartSite. […]

Open Access Explained!

UC Davis librarian Amy Kautzman shared the below with the graduate student association last month, which features UC Davis professor Jonathan Eisen explaining why and how open access is an important issue for academics to consider.