Postdoc Spotlight: Sophia Papageorgiou

Dr. Sophia Papageorgiou holds a postdoctoral position at the Center for Animal Disease Modeling and Surveillance at UC Davis. Last February, she and Dr. Woutrina Miller received the Provost Hybrid Course Award, which they are using to develop an undergraduate-level hybrid course. Papageorgiou is also developing a fully online graduate course. Papageorgiou says the experience […]

Staff Spotlight: Kerry Hasa

Kerry Hasa, instructional support analyst at UC Davis, has been steadily working to automate processes in the School of Education. “I never consider myself ‘techy,’” says Hasa, “but I use technology all the time and don’t even think about it, so I guess I will have to start admitting to my ‘techiness.’” In fact, Hasa […]

Faculty Spotlight: Chris Thaiss

When Dr. Chris Thaiss, Clark Kerr Presidential Chair and professor in the University Writing Program, teaches Writing in the Professions-Science, he assigns a group research project that inevitably leads to creative, multimodal undertakings. Thaiss divides the class into three-student teams, who identify an area of scientific inquiry on which the members agree to collaborate. After […]

Faculty Spotlight: Jonathan Eisen

Dr. Jonathan Eisen, a UC Davis professor with appointments in the Department of Evolution and Ecology, the Department of Medical Microbiology, and the Genome Center, says he is drawn to technology because, “I believe in sharing. Recording lectures and posting videos is great because it extends the reach of my teaching to anyone who is […]

Faculty Spotlight: Antonella Bassi

Antonella Bassi, continuing lecturer at UC Davis (French and Italian Department), has long been an advocate of technology in the classroom. In her current courses, she regularly uses YouTube, PowerPoint, and SmartSite, as well as blogs for writing assignments and GoogleDocs for peer review/editing. She has also been increasingly interested in having students create their […]

Building Virtual Communities for the Institute of Complex Adaptive Matter

Dr. Daniel Cox, professor of physics at UC Davis, oversees a large NSF contract to coordinate the web presence and activities of the Institute of Complex Adaptive Matter (ICAM). One of the primary objectives of Cox’s work is make research accessible to the academic community and to people who are interested in complex adaptive matter. […]

Faculty Spotlight: David Wittman

Dr. David Wittman, associate professor of Physics at UC Davis, defines his use of technology in the classroom as a result of being pro-learning, not pro-technology. “Before I adopt a technology,” Wittman explains, “I need to have high confidence that it will actually improve student understanding, and that it poses little risk of becoming a […]

Faculty Spotlight: Victoria Cross

Dr. Victoria Cross, professor of Psychology at UC Davis, has been using clickers in her lower-division lecture classes for the last eight years. “The material requires a lot of critical thinking as the students apply ideas and analyze information,” Cross explains, “and this is challenging because the students often don’t have a lot of practice […]

Faculty Spotlight: Dawn Sumner

When Dr. Dawn Sumner, professor of Geology at UC Davis, incorporates technology into her teaching, she considers two main criteria: students learning and persistent value. “Different students learn in different ways,” Sumner explains, “so I like to provide multiple ways for them to study and learn the same material, e.g. reading, videos, and exercises, so […]