Research on MOOCs

The University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education has released their findings from a study of 16 first-generation MOOCs (that ran from June 2012-June 2013). Below, you’ll find a collection of resources that describe and reflect upon the research. University of Pennsylvania’s press release regarding the research, which links to the PowerPoint slides for the researchers’ […]

Upcoming MOOC: History and Future of Higher Education

Duke University professors Cathy N. Davidson and John Hope Franklin are preparing a massive open online course (MOOC) on the history and future of higher education, beginning January, 27 2014. As you can see from this HASTAC blog post, which describes the course and includes a schedule of readings and topics, the purpose of the […]

Interesting Article on MOOCs as Communities, not Hypertextbooks

While the MOOC (massive open online courses) hype has dimmed, there are still some interesting people probing the possibilities and pitfalls of open online learning. PhD student Michael Burnam-Fink (Arizona State) offers his two cents in his Future Tense article, “MOOCs Need to Go Back to Their Roots.” He points out that the MOOC was originally […]

MOOC Resource

Looking for the lastest news on MOOCs? Robert McGuire has put together a helpful resource that collates news, commentary, and case studies:

Faculty Spotlight: John Owens

Dr. John Owens, professor of electrical and computer engineering at UC Davis, takes a pretty traditional approach to undergraduate education at UC Davis—he regularly uses PowerPoint lecture slides, which he prints for his students, and he argues that “instructional technology is a tool. It can be used well and efficiently, and it can be used […]

MOOCs as Participatory Communities: My Experience with “eLearning and Digital Cultures”

For the last month I have been participating in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) offered by Coursera, “eLearning and Digital Cultures,” which was developed and taught by a team of five professors at the University of Edinburgh. I have simultaneously been enrolled in a graduate seminar, “Learning in a Digital Age,” taught by Dr. […]

My MOOC Experience – Week Three (Being Human)

This week in eLearning and Digital Cultures was all about being human. In addition to watching videos and reading articles, there was an Image Contest. We were invited to create an image that illustrates a theme in the course and upload it to Flickr with the tag, #edcmooc. Using Flickriver’s “interestingness” rating (based on comments, […]

My MOOC Experience (#edcmooc) – Week Two

This week in eLearning and Digital Cultures was rather meta. We read two opinion pieces about MOOCs, Napster, Udacity, and the Academy and Questioning Clay Shirky, and watched a lecture about open education by Gardner Campbell. In “Napster, Udacity, and the Academy,” Clay Shirky compares higher education with the music industry. He argues that Napster […]

My MOOC Experience (#edcmooc) – Week One

It’s been an interesting week! The topic was utopian versus dystopian views of technology—we explored this by watching four videos, reading a couple of articles about technological determinism, and exchanging ideas via the discussion forums, blogs, and twitter. The five instructors also hosted an hour-long Google Hangout on Friday. While I found the videos and […]