Future Directions for UC Davis

After ATS Director David Levin describes¬†Academic Technology Services’¬†upcoming educational technology initiatives, we’d like to you discuss the following in groups of four or five:

  • Although we are used to using text to communicate content and directions to students, to what extent do you see yourself taking greater advantage of multi-media approaches (audio, video, images, interaction, animation, etc.) in the classes you teach in the coming decade?
  • How do you (or how might you) use technology to encourage more active learning by your students (including more communication, collaboration, exploration and manipulation of content, etc.)?
  • Most evaluations at UC Davis are tests and papers / projects (that is text-based isolated activities). How might students be assessed with the help of multi-media approaches and with additional audiences and collaborative processes in mind?
  • How do you characterize the most useful support when engaging in innovative and ambitious teaching endeavors?
  • How would you prioritize the initiatives raised today, and why?

If someone in your group feels motivated to take notes, we’d appreciate your doing so in this Google Document so that others can benefit from your perspectives.

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