In-Person Briefings – Fall Quarter Schedule

Results of a Spring 2009 survey conducted by the Campus Council for Information Technology’s Educational Technology subcommittee show that 75% of SmartSite users took a training class before setting up an online course.

These classes are just one way you can take advantage of our in-person briefings. Every week, Fernando Soccorro and Steve Faith offer workshops on specific elements in SmartSite. The “Getting Started” course is offered on Tuesdays at the beginning of the quarter, a “Gradebook Set-up & Workflow” course is offered on Tuesdays mid-quarter, and an “End of Quarter Gradebook & Grade Submission Assistance” workshop is available throughout the last week of the quarter.

You can also drop-in on Monday or Wednesday for the “Keeping your SmartSite Course & Project Sites Up to Date” workshop, or receive one-on-one assistance.

View the schedule or email to get started!

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