What is Text Documentation?

“Text documentation” is a collection of PDFs and web pages that explain how to use the different tools in SmartSite. This information allows new users to learn at their own pace and serves as a reference guide for returning users.

Documentation also lets you know what’s new. SmartSite is updated as new versions of Sakai emerge, and this means the same tasks you’ve always done may have slight differences. A quick review of the documentation will get you back on track.

We know documentation is important, and we think we’re offering a fairly comprehensive set of documents between those on the Support & Training pages and the information from the “help” button (bottom of the left navigation menu in SmartSite), but we’d like to hear from you.

What documentation would best serve your needs? What parts of SmartSite do you frequently need to remind yourself how to use? What tools in SmartSite do you not use because you’re not sure what they do?

Bottom line: documentation exists for you, the user, to make your life easier. So what do you need?

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