Representing the SmartSite Ecosystem with PowerPoint

Andy Jones used this PowerPoint presentation to explain SmartSite relationships to the Technology Infrastructure ForumClient Support Issues group on December 5th, 2011.

Many faculty and other members of the UC Davis community don’t realize all the widespread and disparate groups of programmers and supports that make SmartSite possible. Locally, UC Davis programmers are primarily responsible for the creation and updating of Gradebook II, the gradebook program within SmartSite that is used here and at many other colleges and universities. Other tools are provided by the larger community of learning institutions that participate in the Sakai Collective (Sakai being the engine that runs SmartSite). In recent years, UC Davis has outsources the hosting and support of SmartSite to rSmart, a company based in Arizona. Our relationship with rSmart allows us to devote local programming FTEs to Gradebook II and other needs prioritized by faculty and others at UC Davis.

Thanks to Kirk Alexander, Paul VerWey, and Steve Dana for their help creating this visual / PowerPoint presentation.

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