Gradebook Workshops This Week

To assist you with the Gradebook in SmartSite, the faculty technology trainers Steve Faith and Fernando Socorro offer “Gradebook and Grade Submission” workshops during finals week (Dec 5-9). View the schedule and feel free to email if you have questions.

Steve and Fernando also offered tips about the Gradebook at the November Faculty Users of SmartSite meeting:

  • The Gradebook is color-coded to help you know what information has been released to the students. Blue means released to students; Black means the students can’t see it but it’s counting toward their grade in the course; Gray means students cannot see it and it is not counting toward their grade; Green means extra credit.
  • You can release grades by gradebook, by category, or by individual item.
  • When you import new grades, the release flag is reset to make sure new grades are not released automatically. This means you need to reset the flag every time you import grades.
  • If you see a superscript (-1 or -2), this means you are dropping one or two of the lowest grades in that category (i.e., you have a “homework” category with eight assignments).
  • You can see a student view of the Gradebook by clicking on the student’s name (note: we’re working on making the color-coding the same for students and faculty).
  • If you right-click on a cell in the Gradebook, you can select “view history” to see who has done what and when (this is helpful especially if your TA is imputing grades).

The trainers are here for you – don’t hesitate to email or drop by with questions!

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