Staff Interview: Fernando Socorro

Fernando Socorro

As an instructional technology coordinator for Academic Technology Services, I host drop-in hours and lead workshops for faculty, I complete Quality Assurance for SmartSite updates, and I write much of the SmartSite documentation. I have also had an active role in the Clicker Workgroup and I’ve participated in the course on Hybrid Course Redesign.

I really see my job as a translator. For example, when we’re working on Gradebook2 updates, discussions can get pretty heated. Often I represent faculty, staff, and students’  point of view, which at times can be completely different from how developers feel Gradebook2 should work. My job is to learn both standpoints so I can help the users of technology and my ATS technical colleagues (rSmart developers, Clicker representatives, the AV group, etc.) communicate.


What did you do before ATS?

I’ve been at UC Davis for a while. I’ve done quite a bit of teaching and TAing, and I’m completing my PhD in Cultural Studies. Before ATS, I was a Student Director at the Student Recruitment and Retention Center, where I was an advisor for graduate students. I also had the opportunity to get involved with the McNair Scholars, and I still give annual PowerPoint and poster creation presentations.

In what ways do you use educational technology?

I’ve always enjoyed video, PowerPoint, and Keynote. When I taught or TAed, it was for media-related courses or we relied heavily on media, so I’ve had lots of exposure to using technology in the classroom.

That said, when faculty come in for help, they think it’s funny that I get frustrated with technology. But I tell them, you know, I’ve been there. Sure, I have a technical background, but when you’re up there doing a presentation, you have the pressure of the students. If the media doesn’t work, I’m freaking out. So that’s what I think about when I work with the instructors.

So enough about work… What do you do for fun?

I’ve been getting really into photography. I go to the botanical conservatory once a week and take like 50 pictures in half an hour, and then I post them on Tumblr. As an added bonus, through posting on Tumblr, I’m learning the plant terminology. I’ve been interested in this before but I never learned the names – now that I’m taking pictures and really looking at them, I’m learning the names.

Check out Fernando’s photography!

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    Emilio Bejel

    (August 27, 2016 - 12:02 am)

    Estimado Fernando: tengo unpar de problemitas con los dos cursos de Canvas que estoy preparando y me gustaría que me dieras un par de fechas para irte a ver a la hora que podamos los dos. Mil gracias.


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