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UC Davis’ Aggies Abroad Network acts as a one-stop daily dose of all study abroad social media. Fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, Aggies Abroad already hosts 3500 photos and over 100 blog posts.

Blake Cooper, Marketing Outreach and Social Media Coordinator at UC Davis’ Education Abroad Center, describes the community as a “creativity hub where faculty and students post blogs, photos, and videos.” homepage

The platform helps connect students who are about to study abroad with faculty and peers, and it gives students a space to share their experiences. In an effort to encourage such sharing and to spotlight study abroad at UC Davis, Aggies Abroad recently launched a partnership with the CalAggie – the newspaper will feature an image or a blog every week.

But the network does not just exist as a venue for sharing media; it exists to help students and faculty understand the academic and professional value of social media.

Part of Cooper’s job is to work with faculty before they leave on the summer or quarter abroad trips, engaging them with social media, and showing them why it is important that students learn blog. As Cooper explains, “when students are in an interview, they need to be able to articulate their study abroad story, and blogging can help them do that.”

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