Designing Courses for Hybrid Delivery Workshop

Fifteen faculty members recently completed Davis’ first “Designing Courses for Hybrid Delivery” workshop, which ran from February 15-April 10. During this eight-week hybrid course (four face-to-face workshops, two AdobeConnect webinars, and two weeks of asynchronous discussion forums), the participants studied online and hybrid learning, including ADA accessibility, and applied these lessons to building their own hybrid courses.

Rosemary Capps, who designed and taught the workshop, reports that it will be offered each winter.

One of the workshop participants, Dr. Antonella Bassi, shared her experiences at the May Faculty Users of SmartSite meeting. She explained that the workshop allowed her to simultaneously be a student and a teacher because they used all of the tools they discussed. She participated in online discussion forums, did research, engaged in peer review, created a syllabus and assessment rubrics that incorporated principles of both face-to-face and online instruction, communicated via AdobeConnect, and used LucidChart, an online organization tool.

“The learning curve,” Bassi says, “was getting used to trying new things.”

Antonella Bassi (left) and Rosemary Capps (right) share their experiences with the Designing Hybrid Courses workshop in the May Facutly Users of SmartSite meeting.

As her comfort level increased, Bassi found that she was able to identify which tools would be helpful and in what settings. She also found that the process caused her to reevaluate her teaching. “It’s good to rethink your teaching on a regular basis, and this happens any time you have to think about your tools and your learning objectives for your students.”

Bassi reports that she is currently incorporating more chats and forums into her classes, and she’s polling her students. “Some of the tools may not fit with some of the goals that the students have for their own learning,” Bassi cautions, “so it’s important to ask them what they think about using this or that tool.”

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