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Tim Kerbavaz, an undergraduate student at UC Davis, defines Tumblr as a microblogging platform that is “designed to allow quick and easy-to-publish blog posts that are then aggregated into a feed like Twitter. It’s a cross between Twitter and an RSS feed.” Like Twitter, Tumblr allows you to share others’ posts through the “reblog feature, which is like a retweet. This means Tumblr is designed to increase social connections.”

I asked Tim if Tumblr was similar to Pinterest, and he distinguished that “Pintrest is just images. Tumblr has more variance. You could just have a music Tumblr or a video Tumblr.” And because you can embed images, post video and audio files, and write captions, “you have a lot more control over posts than you do on Twitter or Pinterest. Some people just put up images or an image with a caption, or a link with a caption,” Tim says.

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    Yeah, Tumblr and Pinterest are quite different. While both can be customized to the user’s interest, Tubmlr is primarily a microblogging site which encourage quick posts and more images. Pinterest is a visual collection of the user’s likes from all types of categories and can be used in a broader way. (planning meals, weddings or vacations.)

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