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Since 2006, UC Davis professor Chris Thaiss and graduate students Tara Porter and Aparna Sinha have been investigating the international study and practice of writing through the International WAC/WID Mapping Project. The project, which identifies and facilitates interest in college writing around the world, resulted in a collection of essays that have now been published in Writing Programs Worldwide: Profiles of Academic Writing in Many Places.

Profiling universities from 28 countries on six continents, the essays consider ways of defining and teaching writing, as well as shaping and sustaining writing programs, from a global perspective. The struggles and achievements of innovative teachers and researchers can thus assist writing program designers to enhance and assess their work.

Writing Programs Worldwide is available via the WAC Clearinghouse. Edited by Chris Thaiss (UC Davis University Writing Program), Gerd Bräuer (University of Education (Freiburg) Writing Center), Paula Carlino (CONICET, University of Buenos Aires), Lisa Ganobcsik-Williams (Coventry University Center for Academic Writing), and Aparna Sinha (UC Davis School of Education), the book is part of the Perspectives on Writing series (edited by Susan McLeod). A print version will soon be available from Parlor Press.

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