Greg Möller to Present on Crowdsourcing a Doculecture Course on Oct 22

We hope you’ll be able to join us on Monday, October 22 at 12pm in 1003 Kemper Hall to hear UC Davis alumnus Dr. Greg Möller, an award-wining filmmaker and professor of environmental chemistry and toxicology at UI-WSU Joint School of Food Science, present on the “Principles of Sustainability: A Case Study in Crowdsourcing a Cinematic Doculecture Course for a Global Classroom.”


In an era where online videos are viewed billions of times each day, online education— especially asynchronous learning—is often quality challenged by the practice of trying to translate the physical classroom experience onto a two dimensional screen using captured lecture videos. An emerging pedagogical approach that has demonstrated effectiveness is an online presentation style called “doculectures.” Using HD and surround-sound optimized for headphones, a cinematic doculecture approach leverages our understanding of the cognitive neuroscience of learning and memory using dynamic imagery, sounds, virtual spacial effects, as well as opportunities that promote deeper learning.


The 50-part Principles of Sustainability doculecture open course has received broad acclaim from students as “better than a live class,” and “amazing.” The film industry has acknowledged the work with juried awards and reviews such as “entertaining, informative and cutting-edge” from a PBS/Scientific American Films team that has now entered into a course partnership to forward broadcast productions in sustainability. Normalized for students of any discipline or major background, Principles of Sustainability—produced in cooperation with over one hundred filmmakers, scholars, and students—is designed to inform and inspire students as they develop practical solutions to the challenges ahead.

Read Greg’s bio.

View the Principles of Sustainability open-access course.

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