Launched in October 2012, this video-based social networking site aims to facilitate connections between University of California students, professors, and alumni. It’s primary function is one-to-one video chat.

When students create an account, they select filters such as their major, which colleges they would like to connect with (e.g., UC Davis, UC San Diego, etc.), and what topics they would like to discuss. UCMeTalk users can grant each other “reputation” points, and the three highest ranked uses receive prizes each week. Users can also broadcast a “shout out” to the entire UCMeTalk user base.

It seems like this could be a resource for students in transition – whether they are in the process of selecting a major or beginning to look toward life after college, they can talk with other people in similar situations. But I wonder if there are teaching and learning possibilities, as well? Potentially, students in similar courses at different universities could connect and collaborate. Or, if the network gets popular enough, professors could assign their students to interview alumni or students at other universities.

For more information about UCMeTalk, check out the articles about in The Aggie and in The Daily Californian, or tour the UCMeTalk website.

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