Who’s behind the Wheel?

Wheel Image 12.14.12There are many individuals who work to ensure the success of SmartSite and the other educational technology resources at UC Davis, but there are five individuals who are particularly involved with the contents of this blog: Dr. Andy Jones, Dan Comins, Steve Faith, Fernando Socorro, and Mary Stewart.

Dr. Andy Jones began teaching in UC Davis’s English department in 1990, and has since joined the University Writing Program where he teaches pre-professional writing classes. His interest in technology led to his former positions as coordinator of the UWP’s Computer-Aided Instruction Program and co-coordinator of the Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology. Among other activities, he is faculty advisor to The Voice and to Nameless Magazine, the host of “Dr. Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour” on KDVS, and the Academic Associate Director of Academic Technology Services.

Dan Comins, the Instructional Designer for Academic Technology Services, holds a BA in Digital Media Communication Studies (emphasis Digital Video Production) from Sacramento State, and a MA in Education (emphasis Educational Technology) from San Diego State. He has worked for UC Davis since 2005 and has helped many faculty, researchers, and staff develop educational media for students and the public in the form of videos and interactive lessons. He’s very interested in using technology to enhance learning both in the classroom and online, and have a particular interest in the burgeoning mobile learning space as touchscreen smartphones and tablets become more pervasive.

Steve Faith has been involved with educational technology and IT infrastructure at UC Davis for over twenty years including the World Wide Web, authenticated services, and directory services. He has a passion for understanding the nexus between technology and pedagogy, and enjoys collaborating with instructors and teaching assistants on the use of technology in the classroom and in curriculum. In his spare time he repairs and restores vintage pinball machines.

In addition to being a member of the Academic Technology Services Faculty Support team, Fernando Socorro is a PhD candidate in the Cultural Studies Graduate group. He is fascinated by cultures, and how they are shaped by media, technology, education, academic disciplinary tenets, and identity. Drawing from my experiences using multi-media and online tools for teaching, he considers himself a bi-directional translator, generating understanding between the members of UC Davis’ academic and technical groups.

And my name is Mary Stewart. I am pursuing my PhD in Education at UC Davis. I hold a BA and an MA in literature (Baylor University and Durham University), and I have professional experience with online curriculum development (University of the Rockies) and asynchronous online teaching (Ashford University). I am specifically interested in the uses of technology for the teaching and learning of writing in online and hybrid learning environments. As a graduate student researcher for ATS, I’m learning how faculty members currently use technology and researching better implementations of educational technology.

We look forward to working with you in the coming year!

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1 thought on “Who’s behind the Wheel?

    Patricia Tanrioger

    (November 1, 2013 - 1:08 pm)

    Hi all! I am very excited to have found your website. I work for UC Davis Health System as an IT Trainer and am in the process of developing a training program for anesthesiologists, residents, and CRNAs that uses a blend of online learning through UCLC, additional online resources, and classroom training. I look forward to perusing your site to find any resources that may help improve this training initiative!

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