UCOP Officially Announces RFP for ILTI

Officially established by current UC President Mark G. Yudof back in January of 2013), and led by the Office of the Provost, the systemwide Academic Senate and , the Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) announced (to much anticipation) the RFP process and timeline for its first wave of applications.

The UC”s ILTI has been developed in response to Governor Jerry Brown”s January 2013 budget proposal which dedicates $10 million of State funding in order to use technology as a way to increase access to high demand courses for UC matriculated undergraduates.  Part of this $10 million has been earmarked for the development of a cross-campus enrollment system, a vitally important piece of infrastructure for future students to be able to see and enroll in other UC campus”s online offerings, but the rest of the funding is dedicated to the development of online courses and online components of hybrid courses.  It”s also important to note that while UC Online is involved in ILTI (primarily through making my instructional designer colleagues there available for development support), it is not a replacement for UC Online or a “UC Online 2.0”; ILTI is its own thing.

Quoting the official RFP announcement, proposals selected for funding may include, but are not limited to:

a) transforming a face to face course to an online version
b) developing a new online course
c) enhancing an existing online course
d) transforming a traditional face to face course to hybrid by developing online components for it
e) developing online components for a new hybrid course
f) enhancing existing online components of hybrid courses
g) covering incremental costs to the host campus for offering online courses to undergraduates from other UC campuses during the academic year
You can of course read the official RFP announcement and submit an application by going directly to the ILTI website, but I”ll highlight a few key points here:
  • Online courses that are selected for development are expected to be offered to UC students on multiple campuses, multiple times during the academic year, for multiple years, which do not charge undergraduates additional fees
  • Proposals must be submitted with a UC Senate faculty member as the Principal Investigator
  • There are two windows in which proposal can be submitted:
    • Window 1: July 24th – September 1st, 2013
    • Window 2: October 1st – November 10, 2013
  • Proposals for both new and existing courses will be reviewed by an independent committee of UC faculty, students, and administrators and are being evaluated based on the following criteria:
    • Exemplify UC Quality
    • Target High-Need Areas
    • Provide Systemwide Benefits
    • Involve Cross-UC Campus Collaborations
    • Indicate Faculty and Departmental Support for ILTI Requirements
  • Faculty are encouraged to discuss their proposals with campus instructional designers (here at Davis, that”s me, Dan Comins: djcomins@ucdavis.edu) or UC Online instructional designers ()
  • Questions about the RFP2 itself may be addressed to Ellen Osmundson (510-987-9274 | ILTI@ucop.edu)

Personally, I think this represents a great opportunity for UC Davis faculty to develop more online/hybrid courses that benefit the entire UC system.  I would be happy to meet with anyone on campus who is interested in submitting a proposal for ILTI to provide more information and instructional design consulting support.  Please feel free to e-mail or call me at 530-752-1032.

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