VIDEO: December DOLCE Features NonFiction Writing Instruction, NB (nota bene), and Aggie Feed

We enjoyed seeing everyone earlier this month at the DOLCE (Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education) meeting! David Lazar, of Colombia College Chicago, kicked off the meeting by leading us in a discussion of pedagogical principles, specifically pertaining to non-fiction writing instruction.

Then, Philip Matern, a graduate student in Neuroscience, Physiology, and Behavior, demonstrated experiences NB, a fascinating open-source annotation tool put out by MIT. The tool allows students to comment upon course materials, like PowerPoint slides or video lectures; other students or the instructor can then reply to those comments so it works sort of like a discussion forum, only the discussion is directly tied to digital artifacts.

Finally, Alex Alfieri presented on a new tool being developed in conjunction with the registrar and student services: Aggie Feed, which creates individualized activity streams (for example, a student’s Aggie Feed might show scholarship deadlines, WarnMe updates, and SmartSite announcements from the courses in which the student is enrolled).

For more details on these topics, we invite you to watch the video recording of the event.

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