New Horizon Report Released!

The 2014 Horizon Report has just been released. Created by the New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, this annual research report identifies and describes emerging technologies that are likely to impact higher education in the next five years.

This year’s report identifies six key trends that are accelerating the adoption of higher education technology, six significant challenges are are impeding that adoption, and six important educational technology developments.

In the next 1-2 years, the report predicts that the ubiquity of social media and the integration of hybrid, online, and collaborative education will drive educational technology adoption, that faculty’s low level of digital fluency and the lack of rewards for  teaching will hinder adoption, and that flipped classrooms and learning analytics will be the most important technology developments.

In the next 3-5 years, the report identifies data-driven learning and assessment and a shift from viewing students as consumers to viewing them as creators as accelerators for technology adoption in higher education; it predicts that competition with new models of education and the problem of scaling innovative teaching techniques will be the major challenges to technology adoption; and it identifies 3D printing and gamification as key educational technology developments.

In 5 or more years, the researchers argue that agile approaches to change and the evolution of online learning will drive educational technology adoption; that challenges with expanding access and keeping education relevant will impede adoption; and that quantified self (“the phenomenon of consumers being able to closely track data that is relevant to their daily activities through the use of technology” (p.44)) and virtual assistants will be critical technological developments.

Download the full report for more details!

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