Upcoming Event: Faculty Panel on Online & Hybrid Learning

We hope you’ll be able to join us this coming Friday, February 21 at 12pm in 1310 Surge III for a Faculty Panel on Hybrid and Online Learning at UC Davis. 
Robert Blake, professor of Spanish and president of CALICO (Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium), will share his experiences with designing and teaching hybrid and online versions of Elementary and Intermediate Spanish. With a long history of expertise in computer-assisted language instruction, Blake was one of the first UC Davis professors involved in the University of California Online initiative, as well as one of the first recipients of the Provost Hybrid Course Award. The author of the 2013 book Brave New Digital Classroom Technology and Foreign Language Learning, Blake this past weekend presented the keynote speech–”Quo Vadis? CALL Research and Practice”–at the AZ Computer-Assisted Language Learning Conference.
Tim Weaver, professor of Anthropology, will also join us and share his experiences with designing a hybrid version of “Introduction to Anthropology,” which he is teaching this quarter. A 2013 recipient of the Provost Hybrid Course Award, Weaver has been using tools such as Poll Daddy and original videos to engage with students in the Anthropology hybrid class that he is teaching this quarter.
Finally, Mary Stewart, graduate student in Education, will respond to the panelists. As you may know, Mary is the graduate student researcher for Academic Technology Services; she has also been working with University Writing Program Director Carl Whithaus and fellow graduate student Jenae Cohn to develop hybrid and online versions of Davis’ first-year composition course. Mary taught the hybrid version of that course in the fall and is currently teaching the first online version of the course this winter. 
We hope you will join us Friday for this event, and that you will bring you own online instruction stories and questions.

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