FLIP this Friday (March 14): Zaption & Thinglink

This month’s Future of Learning in Practice (FLIP) workshop will occur this coming Friday, March 14th at 12pm in 1310 Surge III, and will focus on Content Curation/Digital Mashup Tools.

There is a wealth of great education material on YouTube, TED, MIT, and other open educational resource vendors, but it can be challenging to organize this content in a way that is useful for students. Content Curation and Digital “Mashup” tools offer a solution by allowing you to organize content from a multitude of sources in a format that your students can easily navigate. Some of these tools also are a great for student projects.

On Friday, workshop leader Dan Comins will specifically demonstrate two such tools: ThingLink and Zaption. ThingLink is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to upload and tag images with links to content found all over the web. Zaption is a tool that allows you to make video truly interactive by creating “caption tours,” which integrate various types of questions, polls, timeline-based discussions, graphical markups, and more. Zaption also features basic analytics that allow you to investigate how your learners are using the content you create.

Please bring your laptops so that you can try out these tools at the workshop.

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