Digital Course Content Pilot from the UC Davis Bookstore!

Good news from the UC Davis bookstore about new opportunity to teach with digital resources while saving your students money on fall textbooks.

UC Davis Stores are spearheading a Digital Course Content Pilot that is taking place on campus this fall. During the 2013-2014 school year, the UC Davis Stores have been working with faculty and publishers to reinvent the way content is delivered to our students. Please find a summary below of how the pilot will work and some real price comparisons for different forms of delivering content. The UC Davis Stores plan to assess the performance of the pilot from a faculty and student perspective in November.

  • The Digital Course Content Pilot begins in Fall Quarter 2014 with nearly 5,000 students using Digital Adaptive Content
  • The content adapts to student performance on exercises and is interactive (in contrast to an eBook which does not adapt or interact)
  • The Pilot Intent: To Improve Student Access, Drive Down Student Costs, and Improve Attainment of Student Learning Outcomes
  • The Delivery method: In most cases, digital access codes will be delivered via email two weeks before the quarter begins. In limited cases, students will receive access and be registered during their first class session
  • During the add/drop period, students can use the content at no cost
  • If students choose to opt-out during the add/drop period, their digital access will be turned off, and they will pay nothing
  • If they choose to retain access, the course materials cost will be added to their University bill
  • If students would like a print copy to go along with their digital access, they can visit the Memorial Union Store for a low-cost print copy to accompany their digital content

Digital Resource Price Comparisons

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