March 6 DOLCE Meeting: Libraries, Video, and LMS

Shields Library Sculpture


The March 6 DOLCE meeting will feature at least three speakers.


Bill Garrity is Deputy University Librarian and Chief of Staff at UC Davis libraries, and is responsible for the overall administration and operation of the University Library system. As you can see from reviewing Bill’s bio, he has significant experience in academic technology. He will talk to us about evolving functions of the library, and potential partnerships that focus on teaching and learning.


Faculty Technology Training Coordinator Steve Faith will talk to us about the UC Davis Video Initiative, a short and local version of a talk he gave recently at the Educause Learning Initiative Conference that took place last month in Anaheim.


Finally, University Writing Program Lecturer and Academic Associate Director for Academic Technology Services Andy Jones will provide an update on the discussions sounding Learning Management System opportunities and the future of SmartSite.


I hope you can join us in the Surge III large conference room for this lively discussion.



DOLCE – Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education

Friday, March 6th

12:10-1:00 PM

1310 Surge III – The Large Conference Room

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