DOLCE on November 6 — join us at noon!

Dear Colleagues,

The first Friday of November is upon us, so that means another meeting of DOLCE: Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education.

We hope you can join us tomorrow for a discussion of innovative teaching with technology. Dan Comins, our longtime instructional designer, is leaving Academic Technology Services do to instructional design work for UC Davis Extension. Dan has attended a number of conferences in recent months, so tomorrow we will ask him to share some ideas that he has learned from his interactions with faculty and educational technology specialists at other universities. Dan’s perspective on instructional design and the tools that can make us all more effective teachers will be missed.

Secondly, we will discuss instructional use of video, including the stirring use of video of Larry Vanderhoef at the memorial service for our late Chancellor Emeritus at the Mondavi Center this past Wednesday. See video of this moving event here.

Finally, we will hear from some faculty perspectives on the issues raised in the instructional design tool and video discussions.

I hope you can join us November 6th, in the large conference room of Surge III, Room 1310. New faculty are especially welcome. I look forward to the introductions!


Andy Jones

Post Author: Simon Dvorak

1 thought on “DOLCE on November 6 — join us at noon!


    (December 14, 2015 - 9:32 pm)

    Is there any way to get email announcements about these events? I never remember to check this blog.

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