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We are pleased to announce that Academic Technology Services is reviving — perhaps the better verb is resurrecting — the Educational Technology Partners Program, colloquially known as the ET Partners Program. Some longtime users of instructional technology might remember the band of undergraduates who would welcome visitors, answer emails, and even bike out to faculty offices to walk them through the novel phenomenon called “SmartSite.”

If you know a student who is tech savvy and, even more important, who can communicate complex topics clearly and confidently, we invite you to pass along this job description, and to seek out position  with the ID number of 803565. The student assistant 4 position pays well, and provides an opportunity for intellectual and vocational growth and responsibility. Students can visit the website of the Internship and Career Center at to find out more.

And here are some of the specifics. Thanks for helping us recruit the best UC Davis student employees. We plan for the position to close on December 15th.


Educational Technology Partner (Student Assistant IV) (Listing #803565)

Duration of job: Through Spring, 2016 with possibility of continued employment

Approximate hours per week: 10 hours

Job Title: Student Assistant IV

Hours of Work:   M-F, 9:00am to 4:00pm (as arranged with supervisor)

Position’s Working Title: Educational Technology Partner


Provide support to the Faculty Support Unit of Academic Technology Services with a focus on the following:

  • Briefing faculty and others on new and emerging technologies, including the new learning management system;
  • Writing and explaining clear documentation to faculty and other technology users at UC Davis;
  • Working collaboratively with other student employees and team members in Academic Technology Services (ATS), including with Google Docs and other collaborative technologies;
  • Exploring communication technologies, including web design, print design, and video;
  • Taking meeting notes during consultations with faculty;
  • Creating video tutorials using video capture and editing tools;
  • Supporting faculty with instructional technology initiatives;
  • Taking notes at meetings;
  • Providing planning and logistical support for various events;
  • Helping with communication and publicity duties, as assigned.

The qualified candidates will work with each other and with a mentor on assigned tasks using Microsoft Office, Web authoring tools, and even some design and video editing tools, on a Mac workstation. Some on-the-job training will be provided, if needed. Assignments will be reviewed with the Academic Associate Director for Academic Technology Services, Dr. Andy Jones, and then carried out independently at a Mac workstation in space provided by Academic Technology Services.

Minimum Qualifications

  • The successful applicant will show evidence of excellent writing skills, experience with networked communication tools, and web design and/or upkeep, including with WordPress.
  • Evidence of knowledge of additional applications (e.g., Microsoft Office, Adobe After Effects).
  • Must be able to concentrate and be comfortable working in a shared space with an often-noisy environment.
  • From the time of offer, must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University. Any future violations may result in withdrawal of offer and/or termination of employment.

Base rate of pay $11.25

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