DOLCE on December 4th at 12:10 — Victoria Cross and James Carey

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Our final faculty forum of the calendar year will take place this coming Friday, December 4th at 12:10 in 1310 Surge III and will feature faculty presenters from Psychology and Entomology. We hope you can join us as we Discuss Online Learning and Collaborative Education (DOLCE).

Vitoria “Tor” Cross is teaching one of the largest classes in the most popular major at UC Davis, Psychology. Almost 300 students are taking Research Methods in Psychology this quarter, and you can imagine the challenges of assessing that number of students on their understanding of experimental design, the best use of interviews and questionnaires, field and observational methods, and statistics. Professor Cross will talk to us about some of those challenges, and share with us what she has learned about maintaining rubrics and resources across quarters, and among multiple teaching assistants. We will also discuss approaches and tools for communicating with students in a class of that size.

Secondly, Professor James Carey from Entomology will talk to us about the joys and challenges of offering synchronous online and digital exams in face-to-face and hybrid courses. Carey will reveal to us what he has learned about student preferences (paper vs. device/laptop), and about the challenges of assessing student work in classes on Entomology, Longevity, and Terrorism and War. In recent years Professor Carey has been recognized with the UC Davis Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award and the 2015 Distinguished Teaching Award from the Pacific Branch of the Entomological Society of America (PBESA) for his technological innovations, creativity and excellence.

We hope you can join us for these informative and engaging presentations, and the discussion to follow.



Victoria Cross and James Carey

DOLCE — Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education

Friday, December 4th


1310 Surge III – The Large Conference Room

Please share this invitation, and bring a bag lunch if you are so inclined!


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