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Faculty Forum December 8: Teaching at Scale — How UC Davis Canvas can help teachers of large classes

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you can join us on Friday, December 8th for a Faculty Forum on teaching large classes with UC Davis Canvas. We will meet at noon in 1310 Surge III/The Grove to discuss proposed changes to Canvas regarding managing courses with large enrollments, or courses with large numbers of sections.

Canvas is offering a choice between two options on managing large or multiple courses.

Option 1: Stay with the current design which allows instructors to teach different sections as different courses OR merge these sections into one course. UC Davis just released a new tool to simplify the cross-listing process.

Option 2: Make a change so that “in the same way that Blueprint courses let you create and update course content and activities in many courses from a single, ‘master’ course, we could let you manage, communicate with, and grade students in many courses from a single, ‘master’ course dashboard.”

During the upcoming faculty forum, faculty will have the opportunity to learn more about these options and discuss the affordances and constraints of these different approaches.

In the meantime, Instructure’s post on this potential change provides additional information as well as a space to provide your feedback and thoughts on these ideas.

Todd Van Zandt, LMS manager for UC Davis, will be on hand to help lead the discussion. We hope you can join us to participate, and to learn about what more we can do with UC Davis Canvas.

See you Friday!

Andy Jones
Academic Associate Director, Academic Technology Services


Managing and Teaching Large Courses with UC Davis Canvas

Friday, December 8th at Noon

1310 Surge III / The Grove

Bring a friend, or your lunch!

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