March 2nd DOLCE on Teaching with Technology — join us!

Dear Colleagues,

The March 2nd DOLCE will feature presentations from faculty and updates on new UC Davis Canvas features from Academic Technology Services staff. This meeting will be videorecorded, with the footage to be shared via The Wheel, our UC Davis instructional technology blog. All are invited to participate in the conversation.

A professor in the Department of Design, Glenda Drew has titled her talk “Baby, It’s Code Outside,” a much better title than the one we were using provisionally: “Teaching and Technology: A Design Perspective.” As her official bio says, Drew’s “research is based at the intersections of visual culture and social change, with a particular emphasis on the working class.” Professor Drew is a playful and engaging speaker whom we expect to explore the increasingly overlapping aspects of teaching, technology, design, and creativity.

Spanish professor and instructional technology mentor-innovator Robert Blake will be on hand to preview his April DOLCE remarks. Additionally, Academic Technology Services Instructional Designer Margaret Merrill will speak briefly about a new beta feature in UC Davis Canvas called MasteryPaths, a feature which allows instructors to provide students customized and conditional access to materials based on their performance.

Due to illness, Joan Frank’s talk about redesigning and scaffolding nutrition assignments and classes will be rescheduled for a spring DOLCE. Get well soon, Joan.

Feel free to bring a lunch to this noon event. We can always make more room around the table!


Dr. Andy Jones


The March DOLCE

Friday, March 2nd

1310 Surge III / The Grove

12 Noon


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