June 1st DOLCE on Commenting on Student Writing and Embodied Pedagogy

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

The end of Spring quarter has arrived, which means the last DOLCE of the 2017-2018 year is upon us. Though the end of Spring quarter may (most likely is) filled with much more work than can actually be accomplished, I hope you are able to take an earned break to gain inspiration from two of our talented colleagues.

Dana Ferris, a professor in the University Writing Program and a renowned expert on feedback practices, will be presenting on “Principles & (Best) Practices for Responding to Student Writing.” Feedback provides an opportunity for individualized instruction to which students may not often have access. However, providing feedback to students is a time-consuming process for faculty. As such, understanding principles of effective feedback can help ensure faculty’s time is well-spent in providing meaningful feedback to their students.

John Zibell, an accomplished director and actor who is earning his doctorate in Performance Studies, will be presenting on “Embodied Knowing: Performance, devising, and collaborative pedagogies.” This talk will focus on the use of devising practices in pedagogical contexts. As John points out, processes of devising often replace the unified, prescriptive model of authorial knowledge production with critical group processes; the focus shifts from what can be “shown” to the engagements made among the audience and players. In the theatre or the university lecture, devising strategies can unsettle hierarchies, and produce inclusive spaces where various kinds of training can be mobilized to negotiate across disciplinary boundaries.

I look forward to seeing you on Friday, June 1st at noon in The Grove (1310 Surge II).


Andy Jones

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