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November 1st DOLCE Audio and Video: Collaborative Learning and Teaching with iPads

Dear Faculty Colleagues, 

Audio and video are now available from the November 1st DOLCE. Julia Chamberlain, Department of Chemistry, presented a talk focused on instructional technologies and best teaching practices titled “Making Collaborative Learning a Success.” Dr. Chamberlain shared key features of collaborative learning: a common task, cooperation, accountability/responsibility of individual group members, and interdependence. She presented her experience using SKIES, a collaborative app, in which students and instructors can collaborate during the learning process. Her presentation explores how she refined her use of instructional technology across quarters based on discoveries made during previous quarters and on student feedback offered during and after the quarters she taught with this tool. 

Katerina Ziotopoulou, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, talked about “Teaching with the iPad: Apps, Options, and Demos.” Dr. Ziotopoulou became interested in teaching with the iPad because of the design of certain classrooms at UC Davis which were better suited for moving desks and getting students to talk than lecturing at a blackboard. In her presentation, she reflects on her ever-improving process of teaching with an iPad. She also shared her experience using many apps, including PowerPoint, Keynote, MindNode, YouTube, Zoom, and note-taking apps such as Notability. Her student-centered approach reflected feedback she received on the enthusiasms and learning styles of her students.  

Below please find some relevant resources, including those that came up in the Q+A after these two excellent presentations:

Please join us at the upcoming Faculty Forum on November 15th titled the “Festival of Failure” where faculty will have the chance to share their experiences with failure and how, of course, we and our students can learn from our “mistakes.”


Andy Jones

Academic Associate Director, Academic Technology Services


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