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Recording of June’s Virtual Bonus Faculty Forum: Preparing for Summer, Preparing for Fall

Dear Faculty Colleagues, 

Thanks to so many of you for joining us for the bonus faculty forum on June 5th “Preparing for Summer, Preparing for Fall.” More than 50 participants joined us to participate in a lively discussion. The recording is now available!

The faculty forum began with brief reminders of existing services for faculty as they continue to navigate remote teaching. These include:

Then faculty discussed the following questions in break-out rooms with their colleagues. 

  • What challenges have you faced during this quarter of remote teaching? 
  • What strategies have you used that have been successful during this quarter of remote teaching? 
  • How will you take what you have learned this quarter to prepare for remote teaching during summer quarters or possible remote instances in the fall? 

When faculty regrouped, we reflected on the challenges we have faced this quarter as well as strategies we have used to help our students accomplish our learning goals for them. As a group, we explored how to adapt office hours for virtual success, practice patience and flexibility with our students, and increase engagement in video lectures, among other topics.

We at Academic Technology Services are dedicated to supporting faculty as they prepare for teaching in the fall, and we look forward to continuing these lively discussions with faculty at SITT this July. 


Andy Jones

Host, The 2020 Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology

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