October 2020 Faculty Forum Invitation: Promoting Engagement in Remotely-Taught Classes

Dear Colleagues,

This month our Faculty Forum will focus on a topic important to all of us as we continue to teach remotely this fall: Promoting Engagement in Remotely-Taught Classes. We meet Friday, October 16th at noon PST via Zoom.

Faculty Forums are informal, discovery-based conversations that present the thoughts of faculty from across the disciplines on the topic of the month. Just as in large Zoom classes we like to call on students who are prepared and insightful to see how they will contribute to the conversation, at this event I will likewise be calling on some high-achievers. This month at the faculty forum we will be joined by a number of faculty who have shined at previous events (such as SITT 2020) because of their excellent live or pre-recorded talks on thoughtful approaches to teaching remotely.

Participants in this event will include Hannah Minter Anderson from The Center for Child and Family Studies, Joe Anistranski from the Department of Human Ecology, Laci Gerhart-Barley from Evolution and Ecology, Mark Verbitsky from Political Science, and Narine Yegiyan from Communication. We consider these folks some of our “SITT All-Stars,” so we hope you will join us Friday at noon to participate in, or just overhear, the worthwhile (and recorded) conversation.

See you then!

Dr. Andy Jones
Academic Associate Director, Academic Technology Services

Promoting Engagement in Remotely-Taught Classes
Friday, October 16th at Noon

P.S. Plan to join us for DOLCEs and Faculty Forums every first and third Friday of the month at noon PST throughout the school year.

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