Faculty Forum on Using Video to Support Student Learning Friday, January 17th

Dear Faculty Colleagues,  As described in a Wheel article titled “The Value of Short Instructional Videos,” “integrating instructional video into online or face-to-face courses can be a powerful tool to  offer additional explanations about course concepts that students typically struggle with; replace parts of face-to-face lectures to allow more in-class time for students to apply […]

Festival of Failure This Friday, November 15th!

Dear Faculty Colleagues,  Please join us this Friday, November 15th for a “Festival of Failure.” This faculty forum will provide faculty the opportunity to share how they have grown as educators by reflecting on what hasn’t worked in their classes, whether they be face-to-face, hybrid, or online.  By applying a growth mindset to our own […]

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Using Technology to Support Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Active Learning

Dear Faculty Colleagues, April 19th’s faculty forum on integrating technologies to support cross-disciplinary approaches to active learning provided insight into common concerns as well as how instructional technology can be used to mitigate these concerns.   Faculty expressed a wide-range of common concerns when thinking about integrating active learning. These included: incorporating active learning with […]

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Upcoming Spring Quarter 2019 DOLCE and Faculty Forums

Dear Faculty Colleagues, As Spring quarter is quickly approaching, we would like to announce the DOLCE (Discussing Online Learning and Collaborative Education) and Faculty Forum topics for Spring quarter. Topics this spring will include strategies for teaching during possible future emergency closures, active learning, online citizen science tools, and interactive video tools. We welcome you […]

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March 15th Noon Faculty Forum: Week-One Technology Policies and Strategies

Dear Faculty Colleagues, Please join us for our last faculty forum of Winter quarter this Friday, March 15th, at noon in Surge III/The Grove. For March, we have chosen this focus: “Week-One Technology Strategies: How best to communicate with your students before you ‘meet’ them, and what technology use policies to share on your syllabus.” […]

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February 15th Faculty Forum on Instructional Design Strategies

Dear Faculty Colleagues, This month’s Faculty Forum (February 15th) will focus on instructional design strategies. Join Dr. Margaret Merrill and Mark Wilson, instructional designers for Academic Technology Services, for a discussion of how iterative instructional design strategies can make your teaching practices more effective and more efficient. They will be tailoring the discussion to satisfy […]

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Schedule for Winter Quarter DOLCE and Faculty Forums

Dear Faculty Colleagues, I hope you enjoyed a relaxing and restorative winter break. As Winter quarter is now upon us, I am excited to announce our upcoming instructional technology and pedagogy events for UC Davis faculty. Please see the Winter Quarter 2019 flyer for more details on DOLCEs and Faculty Forums. Speakers will share their expertise on […]