‘Zoomarchaeology’: Teaching Animal Skeletal Anatomy in an Online Format

This article is an excerpt from the current issue of the International Council for Archaeozoology Newsletter 20(2):67-69. The author is Dr. Christyann M. Darwent, UC Davis Professor of Anthropology and a 2020 recipient of the Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award. Dr. Darwent will serve as one of three presenters at the first DOLCE of fall quarter […]

Faculty Spotlight: Professor Julia Simon

Dr. Julia Simon specializes in 18th-century French literature and culture, particularly the work of the philosophes, with special emphasis on the relevance of Enlightenment social, political, moral, and aesthetic theory today. She is the author of Rousseau Among the Moderns: Music, Aesthetics, Politics, as well as Beyond Contractual Morality: Ethics, Law, and Literature in Eighteenth-Century […]

Surya Jones

Faculty Spotlight: Daniel Frank

Dear Faculty, Surya Jones, a guest blogger for The Wheel, interviewed Daniel Frank for this faculty spotlight. Surya graduated from UC Davis with a B.A. in International Relations with minors in Anthropology and French. Her interests fall at the intersections of technology, race, and ontology. Come Fall 2020, Surya will begin an MSc in Social Anthropology […]

Jeanette Ruiz

Spring AudioBlog Entry: Jeanette Ruiz on Remote Teaching

Dear Faculty Colleagues,  I recently had the pleasure of speaking with the talented Jeanette Ruiz, Department of Communication, for this quarter’s AudioBlog entry. Our conversation is now available for viewing.  Some highlights from our conversation include:  Benefits for both students and instructors who have previous experience in online courses in navigating this quarter of remote […]

Dr. Bwalya Lungu

Winter 2020 AudioBlog Entry: Dr. Bwalya Lungu on Personal Response Systems to Engage Students in Large Classes

Dear Faculty Colleagues,  Dr. Bwalya Lungu, Assistant Professor of Teaching for Food Science and Technology, shared her experience in our most recent AudioBlog entry about using technology to support student learning in her classes. Dr. Lungu teaches a variety of courses which range from small classes with fewer than 20 students to large classes with […]

Joe Anistranski at Oct 4th DOLCE

Fall 2019 AudioBlog Entry: Joe Anistranski on Tautologies and 21st Century Pedagogy

Dear Faculty Colleagues,  I recently had the opportunity to chat with Joe Anistranski about teaching and technology for the Fall quarter 2019 AudioBlog entry.  Joe Anistranski, assistant professor of teaching in human ecology, teaches a wide-range of mostly high-enrollment courses on human development across the lifespan. In this interview, he shares his experience integrating technologies […]

Video Capture and Production in University Instruction (a report by Professor James Carey)

The following is the preface for Entomology professor James Carey’s Video Capture and Production Handbook. Please download a copy of VideoHandbook_JRCarey, note the many video tutorials created by Professor Carey and his colleagues from various UC Davis departments, and follow the links! PREFACE: This is a first attempt at producing a packet of information (handbook) that […]

Digital Images for Teaching and Research

A few weeks ago, I met with UC Davis librarian Dan Goldstein. We talked about the digital collections available to UC Davis faculty and students and the library subject guides that organize those collections by discipline. For example, the Art, Architecture & Art History guide that Goldstein curates includes links to encyclopedias, bibliographies, online databases, and […]