Backup your data!

The first time a computer crashed on me, it was devastating. I was a sophomore in college and had just finished my final papers for the semester, but I also had hundreds of photos, all of my music, and a nearly complete novel. When my laptop was stolen a year later, the loss was expensive, […]

What happens with my IT Express requests?

If you have ever reported a bug or concern to IT Express, or requested a feature request that you think would make SmartSite more functional to you, you probably received an immediate, automated reply, as well as a personalized response with some helpful information soon thereafter. IT Express is the best contact point for UC […]

Blog Review: Digital Writing 101

“Digital environments have fundamentally changed the way people read and communicate,” says Amy Goodloe, instructor and technology coordinator at University of Colorado at Boulder, on the homepage of Digital Writing 101. Intended as a resource for her students, the site offers a plethora of information for anyone navigating the world of digital communication. She has […]

Using the SmartSite Wiki

Have you ever used the wiki tool in SmartSite? It’s basically your own web page within the classroom, which means you have a ton of flexibility of how and why you use it. You can put videos, photos, or written lectures on these pages, or you can use them to facilitate online discussions. You could […]

Gradebook2 Improvements

We updated Gradebook2 on December 16, 2011 to make it a more user-friendly, focusing on the export/import process, gradebook editing, grade scale improvements, and code servicing. Here’s a quick overview of some of the enhancements: You can now search the Gradebook using full name, last name, first name, Student ID, or email address. When you […]

Representing the SmartSite Ecosystem with PowerPoint

Andy Jones used this PowerPoint presentation to explain SmartSite relationships to the Technology Infrastructure Forum—Client Support Issues group on December 5th, 2011. Many faculty and other members of the UC Davis community don’t realize all the widespread and disparate groups of programmers and supports that make SmartSite possible. Locally, UC Davis programmers are primarily responsible […]

Insert Video and TitanPad to SmartSite

Created by faculty technology trainer Steve Faith, this Creating a Web Page with Internet Video and TitanPad guide shows you how to embed a video and a TitanPad into SmartSite or an HTML page. Your students can view a video directly in SmartSite, and can comment on the experience in the TitanPad below the video. […]

What is Text Documentation?

“Text documentation” is a collection of PDFs and web pages that explain how to use the different tools in SmartSite. This information allows new users to learn at their own pace and serves as a reference guide for returning users. Documentation also lets you know what’s new. SmartSite is updated as new versions of Sakai […]