Dr. Teri Balser

Education for a Global World – Monday, April 11, 2016

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the Center for Educational Effectiveness, and Academic Technology Services are pleased to invite you to a series of workshops, sessions and talks: Education for a Global World Monday, April 11th The Grove (Surge III), 1310 Workshops and Sessions Led by Dr. Teri Balser, Dean of Teaching and Learning […]

Faculty Panel Reflection: Flipped Classrooms

We had a great faculty panel last month on flipping the classroom! Professors Steve Luck and Jesus DeLoera shared their experiences with flipping classrooms at UC Davis. Before I go any further, it seems worthwhile to define a few terms: Face-to-face course: Students come to a physical classroom for a set amount of hours per […]

Faculty Spotlight: John Owens

Dr. John Owens, professor of electrical and computer engineering at UC Davis, takes a pretty traditional approach to undergraduate education at UC Davis—he regularly uses PowerPoint lecture slides, which he prints for his students, and he argues that “instructional technology is a tool. It can be used well and efficiently, and it can be used […]

Faculty Spotlight: Walter Leal

Dr. Walter Leal, professor and former chair of UC Davis’ Department of Entomology, and recipient of the International Society of Chemical Ecology’s Silver Medal award, is committed to educational technology. In addition to PowerPoint and podcast, Leal has been creating “e-reviews” by recording a narrative summary of each of his lectures. In the most recent […]

Faculty Spotlight: Charles Bamforth

Dr. Charles Bamforth, professor of brewing science at UC Davis, explains that he and his colleagues have the “best possible brewing technology for teaching.” In gleaming stainless steal, the brewery where his students experiment “is a scaled down version of a full-scale commercial brewery, capable of making great beer (though we don’t sell it or […]

Faculty Spotlight: Michael Wilkes

Dr. Michael Wilkes, Office of the Dean, School of Medicine, oversees the UC task force on end-of-life care. To improve the training of medical students, residents, and practicing doctors across the country, Wilkes worked with programmers from a number of universities to develop two online platforms: eDoctoring and the case authoring tool called Riverside. eDoctoring […]

Faculty Spotlight: John Yoder

Dr. John Yoder, professor of plant sciences at UC Davis, has implemented an extremely effective element to his large-lecture undergraduate courses: peer review via Google Forms. “It’s helpful for students to read others’ papers,” Yoder explains, “and it also allows faculty to ‘outsource’ some of the preliminary grading.” Setting up a Google Form based on […]

Faculty Spotlight: Annaliese Franz

Dr. Annaliese Franz, assistant professor of chemistry at UC Davis, explains that she uses educational technology tools to “engage students and bring real-life case studies into the classroom that highlight the ways that chemistry relates to daily life.” At least once a week, Franz shows video clips of news reports or product applications, as well […]

Staff Spotlight: Shawn DeArmond

As Lead Web Developer for Information and Educational Technology (IET) at UC Davis, Shawn DeArmond offers web development services as departmental and business solutions. DeArmond explains that the internet “has the potential to (and in some ways already does) revolutionize teaching; now it is up to the researchers to figure out how to incorporate it […]

Faculty Spotlight: Arnold Bloom

Dr. Arnold Bloom, professor of plant sciences at UC Davis, is one of the faculty members participating in the University of California online instruction pilot project, for which he has created a fully online course, Global Climate Change. Through the process of developing the online version of Global Climate Change, Bloom has especially focused on […]