While each client or project is unique, an instructional design consultation will typically have common elements:

  • Introductory Meeting: Client(s), designer, and sometimes other ATS staff meet to discuss vision, goals, needs, challenges, resources, and other factors that will influence a project or course design
  • Research Phase: Designer researches ways to accomplish the project or course design, best practices, available resources, and similar elements
  • Planning Meeting: Designer shares research findings and works with client(s) to establish scope, timeline, budget, and other factors necessary for planning
  • Production Phase: Designer, client(s), and other ATS staff follow a project plan, using regular meetings to design, develop, record, and produce components of the project or course design (this may take weeks, months, or longer to complete)
  • Review Phase: When the project or course design is completed, the team meets to evaluate how successfully the vision and goals were achieved; plans for revision, maintenance, and further improvement are usually discussed

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