Tools and Metrics for Interactive Feedback and Skill Development

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Dr. Franz reflects on her use of as a platform for students to give pre-recorded asynchronous video presentations online, complete with valuable tools and metrics for interactive feedback and Q&A from faculty and peers. While her experience and insight is based on using this with >600 presenters in a two-day virtual conference, she anticipates the technology will offer pedagogical value for weekly online assignments that promote communication skills, content mastery, self reflection and student engagement via peer review of presentations.

About the presenter:


Dr. Annaliese K. Franz is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at UC Davis and is also currently the Faculty Director of the Undergraduate Research Center. She has received various awards for research, teaching and mentoring, including the 2018 recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award for Graduate and Professional Teaching. Her Research Lab on campus combines organic synthesis, catalysis, and chemical biology with applications for the synthesis of bioactive products, biofuels, and materials. She received her Ph.D. from UC Irvine.

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