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Teaching Online: What?, To Whom?, How?

Dr. Robert J. Blake
Wed., July 22 @ 9-9:50 am 


The realities of COVID-19 have turned all of us into online instructors.  But what exactly are we trying to do with this new learning environment?  And to whom?  And how?  We will try to offer a few answers--philosophical and practical--with an eye to improving the online experience for those who have already had to dive in head-first as well as for those who face this daunting task for the fall.  Practical tips and pointers to specific SITT sessions will abound. Read more...

Live webinars

Strategies for designing equitable online learning environments

Dr. Jeanette Ruiz and Dr. Kem Saichaie
Wed., July 22 @ 10-10:50 am


Using the four dimensions of readiness for online learning (Bernard et al., 2004), the presenters will share strategies for designing equitable online learning environments for student success and access for all learners. The session will feature practical examples that encompass assessment, inclusivity, educational technology, student engagement, and course management to foster equity and promote access for all learners (specific examples shared from a remote class of ~450 students). Participants will leave with a template to create their own course design action plans for increased student accessibility in high-enrollment online classes. Read more...

Engaging Students through Online Video Homework Assignments: A case study in a large-enrollment ecology and evolution course

Dr. Laci Gerhart-Barley
Wed., July 22 @ 11-11:50 am


This webinar shares results from a case study on developing video-based homework assignments using videos generated by educational programs such as iBiology and HHMI Biointeractive. Student feedback was gathered for each assignment and qualitative analysis of student comments allowed the instructor to pinpoint what aspects of video content, structure, and connection to class were most engaging for students. The webinar will include opportunities for participants to share their experience with using video content generated by educational companies and strategies for overcoming barriers and addressing concerns to incorporating videos into courses. A focus of the webinar will be discussing 'best practices' or 'things to consider' as faculty develop video-based assignments for fall quarter courses. Read more...

Applying foraging theory to on-line education design: The case of multitasking

Dr. Narine S. Yegiyan
Wed., July 22 @ 12-12:50 pm


This presentation will describe principles of information foraging theory and how they can be utilized to design on-line classroom environments that manage student multitasking habits. The seminar will engage participants in two ways. First, participants will be invited to experience the multitasking environment resembling the one I designed in Spring 2020 by participating/responding to assignments offered to them via ZOOM chat, browsing, and utilizing ZOOM reaction functions. Second, towards the end of the seminar participants will be assigned to breakout rooms to design multitasking settings of their own which will be followed by presenting their group projects in the main meeting room. Q&A breaks will be offered throughout the session. Read more...

Daily Debrief

Wed., July 22 @ 1-2:00 pm

Join presenters, colleagues, and staff for a guided discussion of topics from the day’s webinars with opportunities to engage with fellow faculty, education specialists, and technology experts. Read more...

Getting Students to Think Together from Afar

Dr. Mark Verbitsky
Thur., July 23 @ 9-9:50 am



Part of the university experience is working with and learning from other students. Remote learning might undermine a student’s sense of connection with a broader community of learning, so it is important to encourage students to think and learn together. In this workshop, I will share the different in-class (zoom) and out-of-class group exercises that I used in my Spring 2020 classes, along with student feedback on the exercises and my plans for improvement. More importantly, we will ourselves think together and learn together, brainstorming ideas on how to get students working together in our classes, Fall 2020 and beyond. Read more...

Rapid development of an online seminar: Student strategies for successful remote learning

Dr. Susan P. Gentry, Dr. Colleen E. Bronner,  and Dr. Julia M. Chamberlain
Thur., July 23 @ 10-10:50 am


Many students were anxious about their academic success when transitioning to a quarter of remote learning during Spring 2020. To support students, we developed a one-unit seminar titled “Strategies for Success in Online Learning,” with seven sections taught by six instructors. The course emphasized reflective learning and taught practical skills such as time management, study skills, well-being, and motivation. The co-presenters will share an overview of the course, including a summary of the topics and the logistics of rapidly creating an undergraduate course as a first-year seminar and as a departmental seminar. Participants will discuss course slides for one of three weeks (e.g., creating a wellness plan) and how it could be used either in a class that they teach or to otherwise support students. Read more...

Getting to know students and creating community during remote instruction

Dr. Korana Burke
Thur., July 23 @ 11-11:50 am

Karona Burke

In this webinar I will share a few tools I used in my large class to connect with my students during the Spring quarter. I will share a brief overview of weekly surveys, lecture prep assignments, and weekly group assignments my students completed. We will then talk about designing your own assignments and surveys with the goal of replicating interactions and connections with your students you might be missing during remote instruction. My surveys included questions that were intended to promote good study habits, gather information about student experience, and they ended with a get to know me question (for example guess my favorite spot on campus). Group work assignment was intended to build community and lecture prep assignment allowed students to ask questions privately about the material they were struggling with. During the webinar, you will have an opportunity to reflect on your classes and develop tools you can use both for remote and in person instruction. Read more...

Daily Debrief

Thur., July 23 @ 12-1:00 pm

Join presenters, colleagues, and staff for a guided discussion of topics from the day’s webinars with opportunities to engage with fellow faculty, education specialists, and technology experts. Read more...

Faculty Forum

Fri., July 24 @ 12-1:00 pm

This special SITT edition Faculty Forum will focus on overcoming the challenges of teaching remotely, drawing on topics shared during the week’s webinars, interviews, and pre-recorded videos.. Read more...