Enhancing Student Learning through Faculty and Librarian Collaboration

Link to the Video: https://video.ucdavis.edu/id/0_36s9yrtq?width=393&height=700&playerId=24976591

About this talk:

Faculty and librarians created engaging, active remote learning experiences to develop the information research skills of students enrolled in Animal Science (ANS2), Computer-Mediated Communication (CMN 172), and Video Games Theory and Research (CMN 176). This presentation will highlight the library modules we developed and mapped to course and departmental learning outcomes, the impact the activities had on student learning and lessons learned. Drs. Maga and Peña share their perspectives in an interview with Dr. Andy.

About the presenters:


Dr. Elizabeth Maga specializes in applied genetic engineering and gene editing, and the development and use of animal models of disease.


Dr. Jorge Peña specializes in computer-mediated communication, new media, communication in video games and virtual environments, and content analysis of online communication.


Melissa Browne is a librarian at Shields Library. Her interests include demystifying the library for students and integrating information research skills into undergraduate and graduate courses.


Erik Fausak is a librarian at Carlson Health Sciences Library. His interests include utilizing technology in the classroom and Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine.

Melinda Livas


Melinda Livas is a librarian at Shields Library. Her interests include connecting library research with artificial intelligence.

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