Feedback Loops for Time-Efficient Grading and Better Student Writing

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About this talk:

Tired of spending hours giving feedback on written work, only for the exact same errors to pop up in the next batch of assignments? Harness the power of feedback loops to maximize grading efficiency AND generate better student writing. I’ll discuss how to build iterative assignments that help your students master the core skills of your class, how to give feedback so that students actually understand and incorporate it, and how I’ve used Google Docs to streamline the online feedback process.

About the presenter:


Grace Delmolino is an Assistant Professor in the Department of French & Italian at UC Davis. She is a researcher of law, literature, gender studies, and the history of consent. She has taught widely in the humanities, including writing-intensive literature courses for all majors, seminars on medieval literature, and culture courses for a general undergraduate audience. She believes that better writing is inseparable from better thinking, and better thinking is the constant goal of all learning.

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