Effective Instructor Presence in Online Courses

Link to the Video: https://video.ucdavis.edu/id/0_eqskrjc7?width=393&height=700&playerId=24976591

About this talk:

Instructor presence is a necessary and important feature for online learning environments. This presentation addresses why instructor presence is needed, details what the research tells us about student needs in this area, and provides ideas for how instructors can address instructor presence student-needs.

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About the presenter:


Jeanette Ruiz is an assistant professor of teaching for the Department of Communication at UC Davis and a CAMPOS Faculty Scholar. She specializes in strategic communication with a specific interest in emerging practices and concepts in digital and social media. Currently, she is interested in assessing issues of assessment and student accessibility and inclusivity in higher education. Her work has appeared in such journals as Vaccine, Social Network Analysis and Mining, System Sciences, and the Journal of International Communication.

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