Supporting Labs: Student Assistants, Video Supplements, and Mobile Checkpoints

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About this talk:

Nick Hosein discusses expanding teaching support with a number of strategies, including opportunities for high-achieving students to become student assistants, short and concise video lab supplements as replacements for the visual in-person aspects of a lab, and video checkoffs for documenting students’ lab progress.

About the presenter:


Nick rejoined the PhD program in Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC Davis after taking three years off to start a fashion wearable company, Kábrya, as well as to work full time as a life coach across Europe and the Americas. He earned his MS from UC Davis in AI and algorithms design for low power embedded systems and his BS from UC Berkeley in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. His contributions to education include designing and launching a cross disciplinary course in internet of things startups. Nick has an interest in using social dynamics to improve society and modes and practices of educating students.

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