Instructional Choices and Modifications: Video, Assessment, and Engagement

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About this talk:

In Spring 2020, Dr. Chamberlain taught a 400-student General Chemistry course using asynchronous lectures, synchronous exams, and a highly organized Canvas site. In this interview, she shares the choices she made for her first iteration of this online course, and how she modified these choices for the second offering of this class in Summer Session 1. In particular, she shares what she learned from editing 30 hours of video in the Kaltura platform, giving multiple low-stakes assessments online using Canvas and Gradescope, and balancing student engagement in real-time and student flexibility for asynchronous learning.

About the presenter:


Dr. Julia M. Chamberlain is an Assistant Professor of Teaching in the Chemistry Department. Her research and teaching projects include making chemistry more accessible for diverse student populations, and characterizing the contributions of undergraduate Learning Assistants in general chemistry discussion sections. She also studies collaboration and the use of interactive chemistry simulations to support learning and engagement.

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