Plans for the January 6 (2012) FUSS Meeting

Faculty Users of SmartSite Meeting

The Large Conference Room at 1310 Surge III

Friday, January 6th at 2pm


Dear Faculty Users of SmartSite,

Happy New Year! Even though classes don’t begin until next Monday, faculty users of SmartSite will be meeting this coming Friday to focus primarily on two topics that may help you prepare for your winter classes: online textbooks and new SmartSite class sites. Friday we will be joined remotely by representatives of Kno, the software company that has made 100,000 university textbooks available to students in digital forms that can be accessed via laptop or various e-readers, including the iPad. As our classes (and other aspects of our busy lives) become more paperless, it makes sense that some of us would consider teaching with digital textbooks, especially at a time when, according to an article in Campus Technology from last month, “California’s Senate is pondering legislation to mandate the development of digital textbooks in order to save college students money.”

If you plan definitively to join us at the FUSS meeting at 2pm Friday, and you are interested in the possibility of some of your students using a (possibly free) Kno digital textbook in a class you teach this (winter) quarter, please email me the titles and authors of the relevant texts. I will check to see if Kno offers the books you teach, and if they can make the texts available to you this week or next.

You should also join us to talk to Steve Faith, one of our Faculty Technology Training Coordinators, about winter SmartSite course sites. Future FUSS meetings agenda items include teaching with video, UCTV seminars, and Dr. Andy’s thoughts on teaching with Twitter.

See you Friday!

Andy Jones

Academic Associate Director for Academic Technology Services


FUSS Agenda – January 6

1. Twitter and The Wheel: Find the UC Davis instructional technology blog at

2. A virtual briefing on digital textbooks with Peter Hoffman from Kno

3. Questions and answers with Steve Faith and Fernando Socorro, our Faculty Technology Training Coordinators

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