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Announcing The Academic Technology Services Remote Teaching Roadshow!

Contact to schedule an ATS Roadshow for your home department or program!

You are invited to participate in The Academic Technology Services Remote Teaching Roadshow. As we all continue to make discoveries about remote teaching, ATS instructional designers would love to support you and faculty in your program or department with relevant technologies and resources. Please ask your chair or director if there is an upcoming department meeting at which members of our Academic Technology Services team could briefly share with your faculty how our services could benefit them and their students.

We are seeking opportunities to Zoom into department meetings or other faculty gatherings to share strategies and resources for integrating technologies into courses, as well as learn from faculty how we can better support their efforts. In an interactive presentation, we would like to discuss how ATS supports faculty who are…

  • Imagining and building engaging uses of Canvas
  • Creating media and other resources to increase access to learning materials
  • Adopting teaching technologies to enhance student engagement (e.g., iClicker, PlayPosit)
  • Innovating to overcome common teaching and learning challenges of remote teaching

We look forward to sharing ATS’ services and resources with you and your faculty so we can better support your courses, teaching initiatives, and student success goals.

If this opportunity appeals to you, please email us at to share a date, time, and your preferred length of presentation, anything from two minutes to 20 minutes or more. We will follow up with a survey in which faculty can indicate their areas of interest and greatest need. We could also just take a couple minutes to let your faculty know about our online resources and planned workshops, and then answer questions.

We look forward to hearing from you. Download this ATS flyer pictured above to review some of our services.

Dr. Andy Jones

Academic Associate Director, Academic Technology Services

UC Davis

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