Discussion Panels

New for 2022, SITT will include live panels on September 8 to give SITT attendees and asynchronous presenters a chance to ask and answer questions and briefly discuss the pre-recorded talks. We encourage attendees to submit a question for a particular speaker or speakers ahead of time using the SITT 2022 Panel Questions survey.

The panel speakers will be divided into two concurrent sessions in one Zoom room, arranged by theme to encourage discussion. Using the breakout rooms feature, the audience will have a chance to interact with presenters in small groups moderated by SITT faculty advisors. Use the schedule below to select the session you find most interesting; attendees will be sorted in breakout rooms once the meeting begins.

Note: These panels were a live-only feature of SITT 2022 and were not recorded.

Session A

12-12:20pm: Exploring Online Workflows and Tools

Moderator: Julia Chamberlain

12:25-12:45pm: Fostering Learner Collaboration

Moderator: Patricia Turner

Stick around in the same Zoom room from 12:45-1pm for Dr. Andy’s Poetry Reading and Friday Preview!