Discussion Panels

For the second year in a row, SITT will include live panels on September 14 to give SITT attendees and asynchronous presenters a chance to ask and answer questions and briefly discuss the on-demand talks. We encourage attendees to submit a question for a particular speaker or speakers ahead of time using the SITT 2023 Panel Questions survey.

All SITT attendees will be together for the first panel from 12-12:25pm, and then at 12:25pm the panel speakers will be divided into two concurrent sessions using Zoom breakout rooms. Use the schedule below to select the session you find most interesting; attendees will be sorted in breakout rooms for the 12:25pm panels.

Note: These panels will be a live-only feature of SITT 2023 and will not be recorded.


Moderator: Margaret Merrill


Session B

​​​​Moderator: Andy Jones

Stick around in the same Zoom room from 12:50-1pm for Dr. Andy’s Poetry Reading and Friday Preview!

Link to video [video.ucdavis.edu]

Link to the text of the poem