Faculty Events

A poetic celebration of SITT

Lose Yourself at SITT


If you had only one chance a year to attend SITT,

would you grab that opportunity, or let it slip?


OK. Dr. Andy

We’ve come to the peak of the week,

So try not to freak your freak or

Succumb to internal critique or

Be your typical too tongue-in-cheek

as you rushedly pressure our next presenter.


Tech don’t fail me now;

Just smile and somehow

Learn how to pronounce all the proper nouns:

We’ve got Delmar Larsen, Margaret and Mark and

Please register now for the The Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology (September 14 and 15)

Dear UC Davis Friends and Colleagues,

The Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology (SITT) returns soon, and we would love for you and your faculty colleagues to join us! Keeping in mind this year’s theme—Small Acts, Big Impacts—SITT 2023 will showcase UC Davis faculty who creatively use technology to help students succeed one step at a time.

Join us on Friday for talks about ChatGPT and Teaching with Kindness

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

As AI continues to be in the news, and as our town and campus community grieve recent tragic losses, we hope you will join us for discussions about how both of these contexts might impact our teaching.

At our DOLCE (Discussion Online Teaching and Collaborative Education) event this Friday, May 5th, at 12pm on Zoom, we will be joined by two faculty guests.

Join us to share and hear about “plus 1” accessibility efforts

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

Faculty often find that when they are seeking to accommodate students with documented disabilities, or when they simply wish to make their courses more effective and inclusive, the challenges of increasing accessibility can be daunting. Some of us lessen the anxiety of making learning materials more accessible by adopting a “plus 1” strategy to improve the accessibility of just one element of a course or activity per quarter, the benefits of which extend to all participating students.